About Christian

Christian Boontjes is based just outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, with Danish roots his work and inspirations have always been internationally oriented. From a young age he’s been fascinated by art and architecture and the feelings and emotions it releases in people. This later led him to getting a degree in architecture at the technical university of Eindhoven, specializing in healthcare design. After working for several architectural firms he started his own business as an architect and designer a decade ago, and more recently combined his love of photography with his passion for architecture making architectural images. Christian believes attention to detail is vital to good architecture and values close contact with his clients. Whether it’s a small interior project or a new building, he always strives to make timeless designs and get his clients the best possible solution for their wishes.

Next to architecture and photography Christian loves animals and nature. To relax and recharge he enjoys being outside, cycling and playing golf. More often then not you’ll find him accompanied by a pencil and a camera.



Architecture adds certain qualities to the places we venture. Our direct surroundings influence our mental and physical well-being and being surrounded by meaningless unmotivated randomness can have big negative effects. Good architecture forms a reassuring living space, stimulates us and thereby results in more energy and happiness.

My vision is that architecture should add something positive and can be part of enriching the lives of the people using the buildings and its surroundings.

To make this happen it’s important to form a close relationship with the client and the end users of the building. As your architect I’ll listen to your individual wishes and the reasons behind them so together we can formulate well thought out requirements and combine those with the given surroundings and regulations. I see complex challenges as a positive drive to create timeless, unique and highly functional designs.

After the initial design is made it’s important that the right materials are used for the job. When the whole project is well thought out we won’t be faced with any surprises along the way, technical or financial. The overall quality is in the details and being both a technical engineer as well as an architect, I strive to combine aesthetics with well thought out technical solutions to come to a sustainable result that will function as intended for many years to come.

Whether it’s a small extension, the rezoning of an existing building or a completely new building, the process will always be similar. The needs of the client and end users are paramount. You can expect me to work closely with you and everyone involved from the initial idea to the final outcome to ensure a high quality result.


Christian Boontjes – architect



From getting the necessary permits for an extension to building a completely new building. No matter the size of the project, I enjoy working with my clients and designing the best possible solutions for them.

Interior Design

Remodeling and repurposing existing buildings is one of my specialties. I enjoy the challenges you run into when changing the function of a building and find it rewarding to give older buildings a new life.


Designing all kinds of small practical items that will be used in and around the home, often in combination with the design of a building or interior.